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Turnstile rotation test

Our turnstile subjected to rotation test

Our manufacturer Turnstar conducts several tests on their turnstiles, including this rotation test. During Mark and Andr√©’s visit to the factory, they got to witness these rotation tests.

Rotational testing is an essential procedure to ensure product quality and durability. These tests examine whether turnstiles are still functioning properly after a significant number of rotations, similar to the daily load of actual use situations. With this, Turnstar aims to ensure that turnstile revolving doors can withstand heavy use without affecting overall performance. In this video, we have captured such a testing process so that you too can take a look behind the scenes of the factory.

To carry out this testing process, the turnstiles are placed in a specially designed test rig. This makes it possible, without human intervention, to rotate the fences. This simulates that continuous persons would pass through these turnstile revolving doors.

During and after the testing process, parameters are closely monitored with the goal of verifying that all mechanical parts of the turnstiles, such as rotating parts, bearings and joints, are resistant to wear and corrosion that can occur with prolonged use. These factors are monitored to determine if any irregularities occur or if adjustments are needed to optimize performance.

Testing the turnstiles under realistic conditions helps ensure that they meet Turnstar’s stringent quality standards and continue to function reliably over their lifetime. All in all, then, this rotation test is an important step in the quality control process, ensuring that Turnstar’s access control products can stand the test of time and continue to deliver top performance even after prolonged and intentional use. This enables Turnstar to market only the highest quality products that meet rigorous standards.

As Geran Access Products B.V., we are proud partners and European suppliers of several access control products from Turnstar.
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