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Visit Turnstar South Africa

Visit Turnstar South Africa

Last week André and Mark, along with a relation, visited our esteemed supplier Turnstar Systems in South Africa. They were very hospitably welcomed by several employees of this plant, with whom we normally interact digitally a lot.

It was an extremely informative visit, during which the gentlemen got to experience many interesting aspects of the production process. They were treated to a fascinating demonstration, for example, of a tourniquet rotation test. Of course, these rotating mechanisms must withstand intensive use, with many revolutions. The products must also be able to withstand different weather conditions. Therefore, an extensive rain test was also conducted on the tripod “Streamline. We will detail these tests in later blogs.

Our current range includes many products from this South African brand Turnstar. However, they have many more promising products to offer. These could now be seen and tested with their own eyes. Therefore, the main goal of this trip was to optimize both our existing and new products. All this to strive for the best quality and user applications for our customers.
We also took the opportunity to collect visual material to add to this website, among other things.

And if that wasn’t enough, all of this took place amid “the big five
We couldn’t have done better!

This inspiring trip gave us the opportunity to gain insight into our supplier’s manufacturing processes. We would like to thank the team at Turnstar Systems for their warm welcome and good care. We look forward to continuing our cooperation and striving together to produce high-quality products of the best quality. Keep following us for more updates on these exciting developments!
Curious about our products from Turnstar? Curious about our products from Turnstar?

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