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Access control for events

Event access: 5 points of interest

When you start looking into a suitable access control system for your events, there are 5 key points to consider.


Obviously, you do not want people on the terrain who have not bought tickets for your event. This is not just for financial reasons; if there are too many people on the premises, it may cause a lot of inconvenience. Not to mention the security risks. Paper tickets can be problematic, as they are not always registered by name, nor do staff always have the time to compare the names on each ticket with identity documents.

Queue times

No visitor will appreciate queuing for an hour or two (or more) before finally gaining access to the event. Long queues are always frustrating, and if they get too long they can completely ruin the experience for visitors. If long queues are a concern, consider increasing the number of entrances (possibly with mobile solutions) or using an RFID access system. The latter has the added advantage that the number of attendees can be tracked in real time and bottlenecks identified in a timely manner.

Capacity management

If crowding is a concern, you want to be able to see real-time how many visitors have been granted access to a particular area. This will allow you to take the necessary measures in time. Again, the use of (non-scannable) paper tickets is best avoided, as they complicate capacity data collection. An RFID or barcode-based system works better then.

Restricted access areas

If the event site has certain zones that are only accessible to a specific subgroup of visitors (such as a VIP area), the access control system should obviously provide adequate options for this. system with barcodes or RFID would be more secure.

Data collection

The ability to collect real-time data is desired at many events. Barcodes offer many possibilities. An RFID software platform can also provide insight into visitor flow during your event.

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