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Biometric security is here to stay.

Biometric security is here to stay.

In today’s modern world, safety and security are increasingly important. Think, for example, of locking business premises with valuables or data. But granting controlled access to visitors to a bank, company, educational institution or city hall is also increasingly required. The danger of keys or access passes is that they can be lost or even fall into the wrong hands. The solution; biometric security!

Biometric security has long since ceased to be sci-fi – it is indeed the future!

Biometric security systems identify users based on their genetic characteristics, such as a fingerprint or facial scan. See below for some biometric data types:

Biometrische beveiliging | Geran Access Products B.V.

By now we are all familiar with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on your phone. But how can biometric security be applied to turnstiles, access lanes and entrance gates? In this blog, we will look at the benefits, applications and challenges of this technology.

Is biometric security secure?

A big advantage of biometric access control is that you cannot lose your physical attributes, like you might lose an RFID tag, card or physical key, for example. Access codes and passwords can be forgotten, something you don’t have to deal with with biometric security. When you use biometrics, you don’t have to remember passwords or keep passes. That not only very convenient, but also very accurate.

Getting in and out of secure locations can be quick and easy.
The access lanes, turnstiles and gates controlls of Geran Access Products B.V. can be equipped with third-party access systems. For example, they can also be equipped with biometric scanners that can identify and verify an individual within seconds.

Application of biometric security.

Access lanes, turnstiles and gates with biometric security are commonly used in locations where safety and security are important.
We will highlight several examples.

First, we consider airports, where Digicon’s dFlow or dPass are gaining application. In addition to biometric access control to check the identity of travelers, these systems are equipped with an Artificial Intelligence overhead sensor. In addition to biometric access control to check the identity of travelers, these systems are equipped with an Artificial Intelligence overhead sensor. For any other individual, the doors will close. In this way, these gates can contribute to checking travelers, reducing the need for security personnel, for example. A win-win situation in these times of staff shortages.

Also within government buildings and banks, for example, biometric access gates can ensure that only authorized personnel can gain access to rooms containing valuable goods or documents. And at universities and colleges, these systems can help regulate access to certain faculties or laboratories.
In this way, the security of students and faculty can be ensured, while allowing them the freedom to gain access outside of class hours.

Challenges of biometric security

While biometric security offers numerous advantages, some challenges must also be considered. Like all technology, this system can experience failures. Also, environmental factors such as lighting conditions can make a fingerprint, for example, difficult to read. Therefore, opt for quality systems.
In addition, the privacy issue is very topical these days. In addition to storing personal data, it would theoretically be possible to duplicate data. For example, a determined criminal could obtain your fingerprints from a glass you leave in a bar, or make an audio recording of your voice. That data could be used not only to gain access to the premises, but also to your devices or accounts.

Opt for biometrics!

That said, biometric security is one of the most secure forms of access control.
As long as the biometric database (with which biometric data is compared) is properly secured, the risks are minimal.

Are you looking for ways to improve your security? Biometric security can certainly be a good option.

Our hardware can be equipped with biometric security features. Think of a fingerprint scanner for a turnstile  or facial recognition for a dTower 
By adding these options to the access gate, an extra layer of security can be realized to prevent unauthorized access. For this purpose, we have good contacts and collaborations with a number of installers.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how biometric security can be incorporated into our equipment and which access technology is the best option for you.