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Gym Access Control: Unlocking Efficient Security

Implementing physical access control in the gym is high on the agenda today.

As a fitness business owner, you will understand this need like no other. We see non-members becoming increasingly creative in coming up with ways to intrude . There is also a growing need to be able to offer existing members wider fitness hours and spread the peak hours more throughout the day. Easily find a solution to these problems by installing physical access control solutions at your fitness venue.

At Geran Access Products BV, our wide range of access gates means we have a suitable solution for every situation. In this article, we will tell you more about our products and the benefits of applying access control in gyms.


Different types of access control for your gym

Depending on your budget, purpose and location of access control in your gym, we offer options with high, medium or low security levels. Here are some examples:

A full height turnstile door is an access gate literally as high as a man which offers a high level of security. It is impossible to pass through the man-sized turnstile unwanted by climbing over or crawling under it. In addition, tailgating is effectively prevented as only one person is granted access per rotation.

For very busy locations, a double turnstile door is a good option. With a little extra space, you double the flow rate. The beauty of the full height turnstiles is that we can supply them in any RAL colour to match any interior.

Prefer to opt for style? Our waist-high dTower speed gates have a modern look and offer a medium-high security level. When sensors detect tailgating, the system gives a warning signal. This solution is often placed next to a reception area, where someone can monitor and act in case of an alarm.

Or are you looking for a more simple solution? We have tripod turnstiles in different shapes and sizes. Besides robust models, we also offer compact and budget-friendly variants. On the other hand, these hip-high swing gates can be passed unintentionally by climbing over them. This access control solution is ideal for regulating member flows in your gym, without the need for complete closure.

Investing in the security and efficiency of your sports complex will prevent fraud and keep out intruders

Gym access control: all the benefits at a glance

Applying the right physical access control for your gym has many advantages. By investing in the security and efficiency of your sports complex, you prevent fraud and keep out intruders. It also opens doors to extended opening hours without the need for extra staff.

Wondering what other advantages our products offer?
Discover the 5 advantages of our entrance gates below.

1. Preventing tailgating

Depending on the type of access control for your gym, tailgating is detected, countered or completely prevented. What exactly do we mean by this? The phenomenon of tailgating describes situations where unauthorised people enter an area by walking directly behind an authorised person. As a gym or fitness centre, you want to prevent tailgating to ensure that only paying members have access to your facilities. Fortunately, we at Geran Access Products BV are happy to help you protect your facilities from intruders by applying the right access control for your gym.

2. Physical access control; the key to 24/7 access in gyms

Automated access control in gyms or fitness centres meets the need to extend opening hours. By making your location open 24 hours, you not only easily increase membership capacity, at the same time you solve the problem of long queues in front of the machines. We see more and more gyms wanting to apply this 24/7 concept. However, staffing problems are often a major shortcoming for this. Besides the fact that deploying extra staff to guard the gym at night is very costly, finding suitable staff for this purpose will also be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, applying the right physical access gate easily solves the problem. With the man-sized turnstile door, for example, you achieve a high level of security without the need for extra staff. We have already carried out some great projects of this kind, such as this turnstile at the entrance to 040 Fit gym.

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3. No counter staff needed

The right access control for your facility is not just the solution for nighttime opening. Access gates in fitness centres also eliminate the need for front desk staff during the day, resulting in significant cost savings for gym owners. Without being disturbed, your front desk staff can work more efficiently on their other tasks, such as administrative operations. The overall operational efficiency of your gym is increased. And as everyone knows; time is money!

4. Continuity and security

Access control systems in gyms can operate non-stop and do not require a break. By applying the right system, you ensure continuous monitoring of your facilities and minimise the risk of unwanted access.

Ideally, our access gates communicate with virtually all access control systems. Most gyms work with a membership administration system, with each member logging in or gaining access personally. Whether it is a pass system, RFID badge or biometric control such as a fingerprint, your gym’s system can easily be linked to the physical access gate. This requires only a potential-free contact from the parent system. So you can keep your current software, saving hassle again.

5. Clear message: members-only access

Equipping your gym with physical access control clearly communicates the message: only members have access to the facilities. This deters intruders and minimises the risk of unauthorised access. Applying access techniques serves not only to prevent non-paying visitors from using the facilities you have purchased with care, but also to ensure the privacy and security of your members.

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Optimise access to your gym with Geran Access Products BV

At Geran Access Products, we understand that no two sports complexes are the same. Therefore, our goal is to help you choose the perfect access control for your unique gym or fitness facility. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, but look at each situation with fresh eyes. With our high-quality products, we strive to achieve a safe and efficient fitness experience for both your members and staff.

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