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Increasing demand for access control

Increasing demand for access control

Increasing demand for access control

Within the rental market, there is an increasing need for access control systems. One can think of many different times, situations and places where it makes sense to automatically control access to the premises or building. This is necessary not only to keep out unauthorized persons, but also to ensure the safety of employees and visitors. In this article, we discuss five key benefits of access control.

5 advantages of access control

#1. Insight

Automated access control systems offer a great deal of insight. Examples include:
Insight into access requests: When manual (remote) access is granted, it is important that the employee in question can see or hear who is requesting access. This requires integrations with intercoms or camera systems, for example, and there are plenty of opportunities in that area

Insight into presence: Automated access control makes it possible to always have an overview of who is present. Several solutions are also possible in the area of presence registration

Insight into working hours: Insight into attendance can also provide insight into working hours. Time registration can be realized at the individual level, making it even combinable with payroll.

#2. Security

The more insight you have into visitor flow and attendance, the greater the security. Because if you have insight into presence, access requests and working hours, you are also better able to react quickly and adequately to changes, threats and calamities.

When a building or site is freely accessible, it poses enormous risks. At the same time, a completely locked access can be very ineffective and create an unwelcoming feeling among visitors. The ideal solution lies somewhere between these two extremes. Security is achieved through optimum visibility, which allows risks to be seen through and minimized.

#3. Ease of use

Key management can be a huge challenge. With conventional keys, it is often time-consuming to make keys and keep track of who has which key(s). In addition, lost or stolen keys can cause a lot of inconvenience and expense. When you opt for automated access control using digital identification carriers such as cards, drops or tags, you no longer need conventional keys. This offers employees more convenience.

#4. Less chance of fraud

With cards, drops or tags, you can also benefit from many more management options. For example, you can set up your own frameworks with different access rights. They also automatically log which access doors were opened when and by whom. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

#5. Flexibility

The diverse management capabilities of access control systems offer you unprecedented flexibility. Regulating access rights, depending on the system used, is often done with a few mouse clicks. Creating a new drop for a temporary tenant? No problem. Granting an employee access to a specific room? Just like that.

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