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Access control distribution centre JD Sports

Project: Access control distribution centre JD Sports

Project Details

Delivery date:
January 2024
Turnstile doors, walkway gates & barriers
Access control distribution centre
Solid Systems

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Project description

In early 2024, we fully equipped a new distribution centre with advanced access control systems. At the main entrance, we installed turnstile doors, which provide controlled and secure access for employees and visitors. Next to the turnstile doors, walkway gates have been installed, which serve as emergency exits for quick evacuation if needed. Moreover, we installed barriers at the entrance to the site to prevent unauthorised vehicle traffic, further enhancing security.

Importance of Access Control at Distribution Centres

In distribution centres, access control is crucial to protect employees, visitors and valuable goods. It ensures that only authorised people have access, preventing theft and unwanted entry. Reliable access control systems, such as turnstile doors, walkway gates and barriers, improve the safety and efficiency of the operational process.


“Installing the access control systems at this distribution centre was a challenging and rewarding project. Our team worked hard to ensure that the turnstile doors, walkway gates and barriers fitted seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. The end result is a reliable system that really takes security and efficiency to the next level. It’s great to see how our solutions help protect people and goods.”

Ruben Groothaar | International Account Manager @ Geran Access Products B.V.