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Turnstile door

Turnstile door

A turnstile door is a simple solution for controlling access in an efficient and secure way. An ideal solution to manage your premises or buildings and gain insight into visitor flows. Discover Geran Access Products BVs’ product range and read everything you need to know about the full height security turnstile doors here.

What are turnstile doors?

Turnstile doors are revolving doors made from steel that easily control your access or entrance. Per rotation only one person is permitted to pass. Thus this security turnstiles regulate visitor flows while preventing unauthorized persons to entry your building. Therefore, the turnstile doors offers a high level of security.

As default model, the product is a full height turnstile, fully galvanized and with 3 arms. It is fitted with a mechanical roto. That is why it has no automatic drive, making it low-maintenance and practically fault-free. Our turnstile doors are produced in a modern professional factory in South Africa.

Our selection of full height turnstile doors

Geran Access Products BV offers a selection of full height turnstiles, waist-height turnstiles and specials. Each with a different level of capability. Below a brief list of the possibilities.

  • Full height turnstiles
    Our standard product. It is not possible to crawl under or jump over this entrance gate. Thus they provide a high level of security.
  • Turnstile door with 4 arms
    You can achieve an even higher level of security with this full height turnstile, because it’s harder to get past a 4 arm turnstile in comparison with a 3 arm.
  • Double or tandem turnstile door
    An option for wide passages and very suitable to achiee a high flow rate
  • Shoulder-height or waist-height turnstile doors
    For more friendly look. However, there is a possibility to climb over this model
  • Bycicle turnstile
    Specially designed for cyclists. Our standard full height turnstile has been extended with an walkway gate so that bicycles can easily carried by hand
  • Temporary access control
    For temporary of movable solutions, our security turnstiles can be mounted on a base plate or in a container
  • Stainless steel model
    Many of our products are available in stainless steel. View our product range or contact us for options
Turnstile door

Advantages of a security turnstile

The main benefit of a security turnstile is that access control can be regulated in unmanned situations. You choose the right model depending on your needs: securing the premise or monitoring the flow of visitors. It is possible to design the situation so that unmanned access control can be realised.

With Geran Access Products BV you benefit from many advantages.

  • Fast delivery from stock
  • CE-mark
  • Robust mechanical rotor
  • Low maintenance after installation
  • Possibility to mount on a base plate or in a container for temporary access control
  • It can be expanded with LED lightning, card reader supports or a rain canopy

Where to apply these products?

These products have a wide range of applications. For example, they can be used as turnstile doors to regulate the access at your site or regulate your staff entrance. These security solution can be used at both indoor and outdoor locations. For example, our products are often seen at distribution centres, industrial sites, stadiums, construction sites, festivals or recreational facilities.

Access control with Geran Access Products BV' turnstile door

All our turnstile doors are from the renowned Turnstar brand. We do have a wide range and a large stock. This allows us to deliver quickly. Are you looking for other ways to control access? We do also supply speed gates and tripod turnstiles.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote. We are happy to help you choosing the turnstile door.

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