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Need a turnstile door?

Geran Access Products B.V. offers a fitting tourniquet door for every situation. Apply for a non-binding quote today!

A turnstile door for every application

A turnstile door is an efficient and reliable solution to manage and control the access of visitors to a terrain or (part of) a building. Geran Access Products B.V. delivers premium quality products and has everything in-house to realise full access control. From full height and half height turnstiles to double turnstiles, the possibilities are endless. You can contact us for both permanent and temporary solutions!

Our turnstile doors

A double turnstile door, a full height turnstile door or a half height turnstile door - we provide a suitable solution for every situation. A selection from our offer:

Triton full height glass turnstile

The Triton full height glass turnstile The Glasdrehkreuz Triton in Fuller Höhe is a high rotary cross that can be placed inside or outside for access control or to shield certain departments or business units. We supply it in various designs. The Triton full height glass turnstile is also very suitable for swimming pools, fitness centres and other aesthetic areas.

Half height industrial turnstile

Half-high turnstiles - the name suggests it - have the length to the waist. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Ideal for swimming pools and sports complexes, for example. Available as a permanent solution, there is no mobile version.

Full height turnstile

The full height turnstile is a high turnstile. This model can also be placed outside or inside. Indoors, the full height version is often used to shield certain business units, such as a hygiene zone in the food industry. There are full height turnstiles for permanent installation, but also mobile versions. The latter is placed in a container and can thus be transported from location to location.

Double full height turnstiles

There are also double turnstiles. These are simply two full height turnstiles next to each other. To make the passage, with a large volume of visitors, twice as fast. This is also a permanent solution.

Mobile solutions

Temporarily need a turnstile door? No problem. We can realise various mobile solutions, such as a mobile turnstile on a base plate or a turnstile in a container. Look here for an overview of our mobile solutions.

Interested in a tourniquet door? Feel free to request a non-binding offer!


Geran Access Products B.V. always delivers a complete product: from factory to end user. This means that our service does not stop after the delivery of a turnstile door, but we support you at every stage. We provide a complete end product. Think for example also of the work preparation, drawing, transport, assembly and installation. 

A custom turnstile door

Of course, the choice of the right turnstile door depends on your personal wishes and situation. That's why Geran Access can also help you with custom-made solutions. We will be happy to think along with you and come up with the best solution for your location. When it comes to custom work, you can think of choice in material and dimensions, for example.

Directly available from stock

Almost all of our turnstile doors are available for immediate delivery. We have a wide range of products and can deliver directly from stock. This means that you never have to worry that you will miss out or have to wait unnecessarily long until delivery can be made.

5-year warranty

We greatly value delivering good quality and we fully trust the products we supply. Therefore, you always get a 5-year warranty on mechanics.


  • “Since working with Geran Access Products, we are able to provide a better service to our customers. As rental company in the construction world, we often deal with ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’. Geran Access Products has a large stock, and they can do everything in-house. This way, we can offer the organizers of the construction site a solution.”

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