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dFlow speed gates access control for office buildings

Project: dFlow speed gates access control for office buildings

Project Details

Delivery date:
June 2023
dFlow speed gates
Access Control Office Building
Partner from Denmark

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Project description

For a large telecommunications group in Denmark, our partner installed advanced speed gates in 2023. Digicon’s dFlow speed gates were installed at the main entrances, ensuring safe and efficient access for both employees and visitors. These systems help the company keep out unauthorised persons and provide full control over who has access to different parts of the building.

The dFlow speed gates are equipped with the latest technologies and consist of two stainless steel columns with standard open doors. These open doors provide a friendly and aesthetic appearance that perfectly matches the modern building design. The integrated AI sensors are subtly concealed, making them barely visible yet functioning extremely effectively.

The dFlow’s advanced AI algorithms detect and prevent unauthorised access. The doors close automatically when an unauthorised user is detected and open again as soon as that user leaves the gate. The dFlow also recognises tailgating and piggybacking, making the system exceptionally reliable in maintaining access security.

With flexible LED lighting and the possibility of biometric integration, such as facial or fingerprint recognition, the dFlow speed gates offer versatile and reliable access control for office buildings, among others.

“This was my first project within Geran Access Products and it was a great experience. We worked with our partner from Denmark to equip the office building of a large telecommunications concern with advanced access control systems. What made this project really special was how the customer had beautifully incorporated the AI sensors into a wooden cove. This makes the gates even less conspicuous and maintains a clean, modern look that matches the aesthetics of the building. The client was very pleased with the improved security and the subtle but effective way the gates were installed.”

Ruben Groothaar | International Account Manager @ Geran Access Products B.V.