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Protecting against unauthorised access: Tailgating and piggybacking in the spotlight

You want to keep intruders and visitors with malicious intentions at bay, and therefore, you invest in security measures for your company. However, you then encounter tailgating and piggybacking; two terms in the security world that pose the greatest challenge when implementing physical access control.

The terms tailgating and piggybacking refer to entering a space without the proper permission. In many cases, this can be innocent, for example, when people know each other, and one lets the other in. Nevertheless, criminals and intruders often take advantage of these seemingly innocent situations and attempt to slip through security using tailgating and piggybacking. Where access barriers are unintentionally bypassed, the security level decreases. It’s high time to further explain these terms and outline solutions.

Geran Access Products BV

What is tailgating?

Tailgating can be compared to the well-known practice of tailgating in traffic. Initially, access is granted to an authorized person. An intruder closely follows this person, allowing them to often unnoticed pass through a physical barrier. It may also happen that the first person, unsuspecting, holds a door open for the person behind them out of kindness. In this case, the crucial point is that the first person is authorized and unaware of the second person—an intruder.

What is piggybacking?

In the phenomenon of piggybacking, the authorized person is aware of the ‘riding along’ of the second person through the physical security turnstile. However, this does not necessarily imply wrongful intentions on the part of the first person. Intruders have numerous ways to make it appear as if they have permission and deceive the security or receptionist. Sometimes, wearing a fake employee pass, work clothes, and greeting the security staff politely are enough to walk unnoticed behind an authorized person. An intruder may also blend into a large group of authorized individuals, making them less conspicuous.

Is biometrics the solution for tailgating and piggybacking?

Biometric security is an emerging and highly popular identification method. With biometrics, individuals are identified based on physical features such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition, or iris recognition. The significant advantage is the high level of identification. Biometrics prevents gaining access with a borrowed or stolen card, provided, of course, that access is genuinely denied to an unauthorized person. Physical access control solutions are ideal for this purpose.

At Geran Access Products BV, the entire focus is on physical access products and solutions. A significant advantage of our hardware is its seamless integration with existing access control software. For this, we collaborate with various installers who combine various identification systems with physical access gates from our assortment. A perfect foundation to address tailgating and piggybacking.

Access control with Geran Access Products BV

It is crucial to apply the right technologies and measures to prevent unauthorized access, also known as intrusion prevention. Geran Access Products BV offers numerous solutions that create physical barriers against unwanted intrusion.

With tripod turnstiles, access is easily regulated, with the primary goal of directing visitors in the right direction. On the other hand, full-height turnstiles provide a higher level of security by completely sealing off a passage. Tailgating and piggybacking are prevented because only one person is allowed through per rotation. Watch the video below to see how tailgating is prevented with our glass turnstile. Speed gates have a sleek design and, through their shape and LED indications, guide passersby in the right direction.

Digicons' speed gates for a warm welcome

Our revolutionary dFlow speed gate allows the prevention of tailgating and piggybacking without compromising on design. Most physical access control systems literally close off a space for everyone, unintentionally undermining the friendly appearance of a business premises. This often contradicts the warm welcome that companies want to convey to their visitors and employees.

With our advanced dFlow speed gates, individuals can pass unhindered. The doors of these security gates are always open, creating a friendly appearance for business premises. The doors of these access gates close when an unauthorized user is in the security gate and open again when this user moves away from the sensors. Access can be granted to multiple users simultaneously, but if one of the users is not authorized, the doors will close until that specific person moves out of the gate. Watch a demonstration in this video.

In addition to the dFlow, the dPass speed gate is under development, a unique system where a double verification check must be performed to gain access. Perfect for locations where security is of utmost importance, such as airports.

Invest in the right access technologies

Preventing unwanted access through tailgating and piggybacking is crucial for securing the workplace or business location. As specialists in physical access control systems, we offer various solutions to eliminate risks. We are happy to help find the perfect access control solution for your situation and prevent unwanted access.