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Which barrier is most suitable?

Manual barriers vs. automatic barriers

One way to keep unauthorized people out is to install a barrier. A great solution for closing locations to traffic temporarily or for a longer period of time. This can be controlled manually, but also automatically. What are the pros and cons of this? Manual barriers vs. automatic barriers.

Geran Access Products' barriers

At Geran Access Products BV we works with Turnstar brand barriers and Fadini brand barriers. The ideal way to close off construction sites, industrial areas, shopping areas, storage areas and parking garages. Basically they can be placed in any location. The levers have a round or octagonal shape, are powder coated and lengths are available from 2.5 meters to 6 meters. Our Velocity barriers are equippd with LED lights as standard, to ensure better visibility at night. For the Bayt barriers, this is optional. All barriers can be mounted on the left or right.

Manual barriers

The great advantage of manual barriers is that they do not need to be connected to an electrical system. This means that they can be used flexibly and are especially useful for temporary use. For example, in temporary road closures or at an event, where a traffic controller is necessary. As the period of use of the barrier increases, it is more efficient and economical to have an automatic barrier installed.

Automatic barriers

There are also conceivable places where an automatic barrier is preferred. Automatic barriers must be connected to electricity. Next, you can choose between mechanical or hydraulic drive. A major advantage of site monitoring with automatic barriers is that they can operate independently and unmanned. Our barriers can communicate with any access control system.

More access gates

Besides barriers, there are several other types of (mobile) access gates. For example, you can also choose access lanes, turnstiles or tripod turnstiles. Each with its own unique advantages. View for more information about our access control.

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